Automate Linked Cells

edited 04/24/24 in Smartsheet Basics

I have an issue that I've seen in other discussions but I have not been able to figure it out for my situation. I want to automate the process of linking cells from one smartsheet to others. I will provide as much information as possible below.

- We have a master sheet, "Project Dashboard" with about 15 columns where I want the linked cells to be. When we enter a new project, we create a new row and add the project name in the first column. 

- Then we link the cell in the next column from a different sheet, the "Project Plan". Each project has a unique "Project Plan" sheet. Everything we link are dates.

- This brings me back to the master sheet, now with a linked date in the next column. 

- I repeat this process for all 15 columns. This was not an issue when we had 5-10 projects, but we are now approaching 20+ and many need to be entered right away, consuming a lot of time.

- The cells I want to link are always in the same spot for all projects, the project plans are all identical just with different dates.

How can I go about this?