DataTable Error Notifications - Now Available!


Hi Community, 

I am excited to announce the release of DataTable error notifications! All users shared to a DataTable (admins and views) will now receive in-app and email notifications when errors have occurred. Error messages will state the error that has occurred and with what DataTable sheet Connection. Users will be alerted on the first Connection failure but not subsequent failures, unless the error has changed. 

DataTable is available to licensed users with Advance Gold or Platinum. 

Find out more about DataTable here and learn even more with our help article about this update.

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Danielle Wilson

Product Marketing Manager

Danielle W.

Product Marketing




  • bstebbings

    Please see a screen capture of the message in the email notification. We have not changed anything related to the data source, data shuttle item, connections or connected sheets, that I am aware of. Any idea why this might be happening?

  • Holly Rumble

    Hi @bstebbings thanks for reaching out.
    Could you go to edit the connection and go to the mapping step, do you see any error messages or warnings here to indicate which columns may be impacted in your mappings. You may need to scroll through the listed fields/columns

    The message does indicate that changes have occured to the mapped column on the connected sheets which has prevented the connection from writing to those columns. You could also check the sheet activity logs to see if any changes were made on the sheet.

    Kind regards