Simple Report Showing Status


I have a Smartsheet for tracking inspections. It has a lot of columns, but primarily focuses on inspection submissions, completions, and report receipts. I am looking for a simple tracker or chart that will visually represent these three columns for my team's overview. Is there any way to create this? I tried a few things last month that did not work out, so I dropped the idea.

Thank you in advance for help! 🙂


  • Dweb
    Dweb ✭✭

    Also, I tried report feature but it counts all the line items. I would like it to count only if the box is checked.

  • Will Jeffords
    Will Jeffords ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Dweb, I suggest using 'Sheet Summary' feature to create counts that are then easy to put into "Sheet Summary Report" type of report and can make charts easy too.

    In your case, use "=COUNTIF([Inspection Submitted]:[Inspection Submitted], 1)" for Inspections Submitted,

    …and so on, with a Sheet Summary formula for each column you want counted in this way.

    If you need more help trying this route, let me know! Happy to take some screenshots of an example if useful.

    Good luck!