Reports Filter Criteria Behaviour


Hello Exports,

I am building a report based on a source sheet. The report should extract the rows based on the criteria "This Week".

Can you please take a look the pattern of screenshots and confirm if this is an expected behavior ? The data's appearing only when I am using "Is One Of" but not the other conditions.

The data source is updated via Data shuttle dynamically. It will replace the rows and place the new one. Also, the data input can be "This Week" or "Current Week". I prefer to use "CONTAINS" criteria with AND logic.

What is the recommendation?

The 2nd problem is

I am not able to call the Report based values in the METRIC based widget in the Dashboard. Hence, I am using the formula logic to arrive the output. Again, the number "This Week" is not getting recognized the formula. Some-times when I re-wrote the same formula its picking up ?

I am using the same logic to bring "Beyond 12 Week" and its working fine. What I am doing incorrectly here ?


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