anyway to create formula for matching current user to cell contact list value


I've tried multiple things, even making them select a dropdown on the top row so the "modified by" for that row captures their name then using another column with contact list property with the formula "=[modified by]@row" for the remaining rows.

But even this fails since in the "standard" contact list dropdown my name appears as RN Richard Normandin, whereas when it looks it up by my email from the "modified by" column it comes up with R Richard Normandin, so you cannot use a match, has, if, or other function or formula to compare them.

@Genevieve P.


  • Jgorsich
    Jgorsich ✭✭✭

    Depending on the number of users and how many have fairly similar last names and such, you could use something like a find @cell with just the right 10 characters of the modified by column…

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