More Robust Backup Platform

edited 05/07/24 in Smartsheet Basics

There have been many requests for a more robust Data Backup/offload system because the existing system is inadequate.

Smartsheet is simply not a viable option for data management in regulated spaces until:

1. Backups are more easily automated (Can't you just make a Data Shuttle checkbox to prevent replacement of previous exports instead of the old export being deleted every time?)

2. Exports that include attachments automatically reconcile attachments to the rows they're associated with instead of just dumping them in another folder (we are manually reconciling dozens of attachments every month by renaming them to add the row number)

These aren't just quality of life requests. They are making me hesitate before recommending this platform to other teams as a solution because these flaws create unnecessary compliance risks.

If you do not intend to implement a resolution to this issue, as is suggested by the fact that this user's suggestion took a year to even reach the product wishlist, please make that clear and we will seek other data management options.

Thanks for hearing and prioritizing this concern.