Send Full Form with Description, Field Labels, and Help Text?


Good Morning,

I am having a difficult time trying to find a solution for the following:

  1. I have built a Smartsheet and form to collect data from my clients.
  2. Many of the fields are pre-populated with data that does not need to change. This would include the client's contact information and other data points.
  3. I need to send the Form to the clients with the pre-populated data and ask a "Yes" or "No" question.
    1. IF they Select "No" then submit the form with the "No"
    2. IF they Select "Yes" then request additional information fields to be completed and submit the form.
  4. I've tried a couple of solutions but nothing worked
    1. Approval Request to determine "Yes" or "No"; If "Yes", send Update request
    2. Send Update to client if "YES"

Here are the issues I am experiencing:

  1. When I send the Update Request, the client only receives and email with the link to a partial form without the Form Title, Form Description (where I include important information), the Field Labels, and Field Help Text. I need to be able to send the FULL form as configured.
  2. Creating a link using pre-populated data does not work as fields have spacing
  3. I am unable to lock the fields that are pre-populated.

I am hoping someone has experienced the same situation and has developed a workaround option. Is this possible in Smartsheet? Or should I rule out Smartsheet and start looking at other options?

Thank you,


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