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Allow embedding or linking to workload schedule in core SS


First, I'm loving the new workload schedule in core Smartsheet! We do not own Resource Management (and it's not on the roadmap to own) and have been managing multiple sheets (one for projects, one for assignments) to track workload. While there is still a way to go, it's a good start (I do still miss the old core resource views).

With my multiple sheets, projects in one tied to assignments in another via a row ID, I can create a report that looks like this and publish it to a dashboard.

The timeline workload schedule view is nice and would probably give leadership what they need, but we can't publish or even link to that view on a dashboard.

We would love the option to publish or somehow show the workload schedule on a dashboard. Even linking to that particular view would be a great next step.

Thanks much!

Andrea Zenner

Program Manager | Infrastructure & Operations

Apogee Enterprises

EAP | Mobilizer | Core Product Certified | Superstar

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