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Fields on a Form


I have been using smarsheet for some time and it's really helpful. However each time I need to make small changes on the forms it is very frustrating that each field uses an entire line. Some fields require info that is one word why must I use an entire line creating an unnecessarily long form. Can this be changed to allow small fields such as a 1/2 line. or even 3 on a line. Looking forward to feedback on this

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  • spauliszyn
    spauliszyn ✭✭✭

    Having only one size of input box for each items is very confusing. Especially, as @emg alluded to, when you are expected to give a short or a long response, the size of the input box should reflect that. It give the user a visual que to help them know that they are providing what is expected, apart from having to read the item description and trying to infer a long to short response.