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New Timeline View - Sidebar Custom Group Colors

eliweitz ✭✭✭✭✭

Timeline view is such a nice and cool view for Smartsheet time values! I've currently been tinkering with using Timeline view to show some project timelines; however I'm running into an unusual challenge that could be a good enhancement. Currently, all color values in Timeline View are auto-assigned, and individual task bar colors can be set using the Gantt view interface (following ). Rather, we could streamline the whole process, and allow custom color assignments in Timeline View using a color picker for the group values, which would then set a unformal color to all line items within the group - making it more customizable. In addition, the removal of red-hued colors from group color values would as well be ideal, as it has the potential to cast an unnecessarily negative sentiment unintentionally.

To use a visual example, you can see that groups "C" and "E" has a red-colored value automatically assigned. However, I'd like the ability to change the color of the group, which would then set the task bars to the corresponding color as well.

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