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Allow SysAdmin to reactivate a user with no time limit


I understand that you want to make a "deactivate user" functionality available, so you don't have to transfer any assets if a person leaves. However, by not allowing Sys Admins to reactivate users if they rejoin the company at any time in the future, then your feature seems to be lacking? If someone rejoins, I need to transfer their assets, delete the user, and add them in as a new user anyway. Is there a plan to extend the period for reactivation, or simply remove that requirement altogether?

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  • eliweitz
    eliweitz ✭✭✭✭✭

    I agree - deactivating does seem futile as a feature - it more sets a 10 day time limit, then forces you to create a new account, should the user rejoin. Maybe a pivot to "pause user" would be better? So we could theoretically "pause" and close access if they are no longer using it, but then "unpause" if they are once again?