Resource Management - Allocation Heatmap showing Non-Billable "Purple"


I'm trying to display an allocation heatmap for billable items only. In the filter on the left I've selected "Billable" but this internal project still shows as "purple". If I go into projects and unselect the non-billable project, then it turns to Grey but still shows on the heatmap. Because we have a lot of items for non-billable, it makes the visual report crowded and not very good looking for executives.

How do I make my non-billable projects which show up as purple on the heatmap not show up at all?


  • BullandKhmer
    BullandKhmer ✭✭✭✭✭

    You're going to have to share more information so we know what you are talking about. Do you have some screenshots perhaps?

  • Coin Graham

    Ok, so I'll share some screenshots, what I just figured out is that "Billable" applies to the people not the projects. So i'm looking at the "Assignment Details" and the "Allocation Heatmap".

    As you can see my internal project shows up as Purple and all the buckets for non-billable time crowds out my billable projects. If I deselect my internal project I get this:

    Which is the same situation but gray instead of purple. I don't want my internal project to show up on the assignment details at all using the filters on the left. But I'm guessing that everything they are assigned to will show up no matter how you have it filtered.

    If that's true, I'll likely change my internal non-billable project to only have one line item and force my people to put the purpose in the notes instead of having all the different phases, but that will make reporting more difficult since today I can run a report on the phases and see how folks are allocating their time.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Coin Graham

    As a suggestion, what I would do in this instance is add a custom field that tags projects as billable vs non billable. That way you can use the Tag to filter out projects and customize your view!

  • Coin Graham

    So there's no filter on the left for project filters. This honestly feels like a bug.

    I realize now that people are either Billable or Non-Billable, not project. I've tried excluding the client for the internal projects and they still show gray instead of purple which is not much better.

    I'd like to be able show a schedule with just billable work for paying projects and not show any internal allocated projects or PTO. This is for forecasting availability in the future.