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Currently, I use a Text/Number column for task duration. I have a workflow set up to change the duration of each task depending on the urgency (either urgent or non-urgent), which is calculated using several weighted questions in the Sheet Summary that populate either a 0 (non-urgent) or 1 (urgent). This setup doesn't account for weekend days, which has been a concern for my team.

To fix this, I changed the duration column from Text/Number to Duration in a test sheet and set the dependency to exclude weekend days. However, it seems that if dependencies are being used in a Duration column, formulas cannot be used in that column. My initial plan was to eliminate the duration workflows and use an IF function to change the duration based on whether 0 or 1 was in the helper column. This doesn't appear to be an option.

Is there a formula or workflow I can use with my current setup to ignore weekend days, OR is it possible to use a Duration column with dependencies in conjunction with a formula or workflow that will change the duration depending on the task's urgency?

Shelby/Bee Lund | they/them/theirs
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