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Create new attachment version after they are already uploaded



it would be great if one could create a new version of an attachment after the upload. For example if one uploads the attachment via drag and drop and afterwards wants to have a version history instead of single attachments.

It would be fantastic, if one was able to group attachments when they are already uploaded.

For example we use smartsheet for keeping track of our maintenance status. The maintenance reports have different dates in their names e.g. 2024_05_29_WB… and 2024_02_26. So a new version is not automatically created. We now use to function "create a new version", which we did not use in the past. So our attachments per row are not as organised as we like.

Now we would have to download all the attachment and re-upload them as a new version of each other. Which is quite labour intensive? It would be great if I could select the attachments and group them as a new version.

Specially with mails etc.

Thanks in advance

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