IF Function With Multiple Drop Down Selections


I am not sure how to "Nest" if functions for my application or if I need to use the "AND / OR" functions with it.

Essentially, when my field team updates the [Field Status] column I want the appropriate colored circle to update in the [Risk Status] column.

Red = Delayed

Gray = Not Started

Yellow = In Progress

Green = Completed

*Bonus if you can help with this one below.

I would also like the [Risk Status] to automatically become a red circle IF the [EWD] column is past TODAY's date OR if [Field Status] = Not Started AFTER the [SWD] column has passed.


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    Hey @David Bramer,

    I think you'd want it to look something like this:

    =IF(OR(EWD@row > TODAY(), [FieldStatus]@row = "Delayed", AND([Field Status]@row = "Not Started", TODAY() >=SWD@row)), "Red", IF([Field Status]@row = "Not Started", "Gray", IF([Field Status]@row = "In Progress", "Yellow", IF([Field Status]@row = "Completed", "Green"))))

    Nested IF statements are definitely doable!

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  • David Bramer

    I am not sure why this gives me an unparseable?

  • David Bramer

    Thank you very much for the help I had to rework somethings but this formula works:

    =IF([Field Status]@row = "Completed", "Green", IF(OR(([Field Status]@row = "Delayed"), (EWD@row < TODAY()), AND(([Field Status]@row <> "In Progress"), (SWD@row < TODAY()))), "Red", IF([Field Status]@row = "Not Started", "Gray", IF([Field Status]@row = "In Progress", "Yellow"))))

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