Is there a way to get a row summary of only the cells that have information?


I track information for projects in a sheet with each project in a row, but don't always get the same information for each project, so I have some columns where nothing gets filled in.


Is there a way to get a summary of a row with just the cells that are filled in? I can somewhat get what I need from card view, but I can only pull 9 pieces of information and they all have to be from the same columns.

I don't need to see what I am missing, I just need to see what I have. For example I would be looking for project C to show me

Project Project C

City Clarkdale

State Arizona

Number of Employees 5

(It doesn't need to be in above format)

I have tried printing the row, but that gives me all of the columns, and in the real sheet that I am using I have over 60 columns often with most of them empty.

Any help would be appreciated.