Recording Most Recent Step in a Process

roland.garton49806 ✭✭✭
edited 06/07/24 in Formulas and Functions

Let's say I have a three-step process that I perform many times: Draft, Review, Publish. (This is a simplistic version of more complex repeated processes.) For each step I have a checkbox column. For each iteration, I create a new row in SmartSheet. I would like to see the status all current iterations in Card view, so I create another drop-down column, STATUS. When I check off a step in the Draft, Review, or Publish columns, I also update the STATUS column—if I remember to do so. Is there an easy way to automate the STATUS column so that it displays the most recent step completed?

I know I could create a bunch of nested IF formulas to do this, and that's easy with only three steps, but the actual processes have a lot more steps, and the steps change from time to time, making a monster IF function unwieldly in practice. Approaches, ideas, suggestions are welcome.


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