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Solution Spotlight- Healthcare Capitol Construction Demo


Hello all! Our Commercial Solution Engineering Team is hosting a demo of a capitol construction solution on June 25th at 11am PST. Here is the published Smartsheet Dashboard if you are interested in registering! If you can't make it, but still register, we can send out the recording. We also have a special guest, Neil Murphy, who is the president of OCMI, Inc. who has extensive experience with construction in the health system space.

We hope to see you there!


  • Deena Duran
    Deena Duran ✭✭✭✭

    Hello, did you all record this session? I am helping our Capital Projects team at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences, and although we have a solution, we have a few bugs and are looking at improvement. I would be interested to see what solution you all have, especially with budgets.

    Thank you!

    Deena Duran, MA (She/Her)

    Senior Business Analyst

    University of New Mexico Health Sciences

  • tcleaning
    tcleaning Employee
    edited 06/28/24

    Hi @Deena Duran- Here is the published dashboard with the recording, resources, time stamps, and feedback form! Thanks for reaching out :)