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Ability to set font size in report


I would like the ability to control the font size in a report independently from the base sheet.

Currently, the report font size is controlled by the base sheet. I have a sheet with a font size of 10, and it is readable on my computer. I created a report with this sheet and put it on a dashboard, but the font size seems smaller or thinner than size 10. It didn't used to appear this small, but now that we have wide dashboards, it seems to be smaller than the sheet.

Then, I embedded the dashboard in a SharePoint site, which appeared even smaller. I had to increase the base sheet to size 16 to make the font appear at a reasonable size embedded in SharePoint. Here is a series of screenshots where you can see the font get smaller:

I cannot increase the font size on my base sheet because it is a large sheet, which would make it more difficult to read and use due to the large amount of data. A larger font size would cause more text to wrap and make the size of the rows larger.

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