Autopopulating Dates Based on 2 Fields


I'm struggling. I have a workflow to auto-populate the created date. I have another column that determines the type and length of review requested (3 days, 6 days, or 12 days). I would like to auto-populate to a specific submission date Mondays at Noon to be discussed at a recurring meeting on Wednesdays, so it would be any date before Mondays at noon will count as if it was submitted on time (and not early). I've tried

=WORKDAY([Created Date][Review Type Requested: (Normal Review (6 Business Days)],6, Holidays:Holidays)

but it's saying unparsable.



  • bisaacs
    bisaacs ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @AMGoodman,

    It doesn't look like the syntax for the WORKDAY formula is correct. You could look at using an IF statement to check the dropdown:

    =IF(CONTAINS("6", Status@row), WORKDAY([Created Date]@row, 6), IF(CONTAINS("3", Status@row), WORKDAY([Created Date]@row, 3), IF(CONTAINS(….)))

    I started the first part of the formula for you, but you can extend it to include any number of days based on the dropdown

    Hope this helps!

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