Email automation with attachments?


Hi all- Wondering whether any of you have worked with automations involving sending emails with attachments.

I am working on improving our system for issuing travel reimbursements post-conference (we have to use a specific Excel form for now sadly), and we are currently using Smartsheet/Generate Document to generate reimbursement forms in that Excel format.

We're collecting form responses in Smartsheet, which then populate into the back end, where we then have rows for each respondent, receipts attached, and a form created using the "Generate Document" tool.

We are hoping to build an automation to automatically trigger emails *with attachments* to be sent to a designated inbox, which can then be sent to supervisors for approval. The only issue is that the automation doesn't seem to be automatically attaching all of the attachments to the cell with the email.

Tl:Dr - is it possible to automate emails being sent from form responses and include attachments ?


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