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Sheets shared with me


The feature allowing you to see who created the sheet directly from the shared sheets list has recently been changed. Now, you can only view the sheet name and the date it was last updated. To see the owner or who shared the sheet with you, you need to right-click on the sheet name and select Properties. This has a direct impact on my workflow, making it difficult to quickly identify the correct sheet as I manage multiple projects of the same name shared by different users. I need to be able to clearly see who the sheet owner is when viewing the list of sheets that have been shared with me.

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  • Sanpfeif

    I've been noticing that as well and would love to see that feature reenabled. I use that info to review items that I've created as a test and eventually will delete.

  • JWood1

    The removal of the creator from this list directly impacts my work on a daily basis as well. This change has added precious minutes multiple times per day decreasing productivity. Would like to see this feature re-enabled as well or have an option to "turn on" this feature at will.