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Correctly nesting an IF formula for automated flagging in row with unchecked column, and passed date

Nat Kenworthy
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hi there I am new to Smartsheet. I've learned how to write basic IF() formulas successfully.

Now I am trying to create a formula to turn a flag on if the checkbox column is unchecked.  Also, I only want the flag to turn on, on or after a given date. 

The flag type column is called Arrived?  And checkbox column is called PM: Arrived on Site. And the Date column is called Expected Delivery

I understand that I will need to write a relatively long correctly nested IF() formula, possibly combining an ISBOOLEAN function in it? I've also read that I'll need to be careful that that formula doesn't allow the flag to turn on up until given date but an ISDATE formula should cover that. 

How do I use ISDATE in this formula to make sure flag on switches on when Expected Delivery date has passed?

I can get the flag cell to read flag or don't flag based on checkbox on or off using =IF([PM: Arrived on Site]2 = 0, "Flag", "Dont Flag") but I don't want text, I want to use the flag symbol. What is the term needed in this formula to switch flag on or off?

I'd be really glad to receive any help you can offer. 



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