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Admin in a Report Workspace?

Tammy C
Tammy C
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hello - 

I have an unlicensed user that would like to be able to edit the report properties for a report that I created for him. I know you need admin rights to the whole workspace, but I can't do that because he's only allowed to have edit on the master sheet.  If I create a new workspace only for his reports where I give him admin access, his actual edit capabilities will remain the same for the master sheet, correct?  This new workspace will only have his reports, and be referencing a sheet in the main workspace where he only has edit capabilities. This won't in someway allow him to edit locked columns for example because they are showing on a report he has admin rights, right?



  • Hi Tammy,

    You can share the report with them as an Admin without having to give them Admin permissions on the sheets and keep it in the same workspace.

    From your Home tab, click on the workspace, then right-click the report and select Share. Change their permissions to Admin on the report.

    This should allow them to edit the report builder criteria and keep the report in the workspace.

    Their sheet permissions are still inherited from the source sheets, so if they're an Editor on the sheet they won't be able to edit locked columns.

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