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linking rows with attachements

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is there a way to link an entire row to multiple sheets along with attachements? or simply link attachements ?



  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    You can link an entire row using cell linking but that will not include attachments or discussions. It is possible to get a link to an attached file that can be used to create a hyperlink but this link is only valid for 30 days or 100 clicks. This link can be generated by clicking the “Send link to this attachment via email” button for the attachment. 

  • I would also like to see an update allowing you to link discussions and atachments.  For my projects I build 3 sheets, 1 for general overview and planning that is shared with subcontractors and customers, another that takes links from that sheet for billing and invoicing completed items that is kept inhouse, and a third to capture work that was started but could not be completed and needs a suplimental invoice, but I lose alot of info that is in the comments and I have to rebuild hundreds of comments, so it shares what happens with our field foreman through our PM's and then to our billing department.  It makes for alot of extra work that could be eliminated by a few clicks.  Thanks guys.  I still love Smart Sheet

  • Steve Dvorak
    edited 01/14/16

    Does anyone know how to move attachments/discussions from one sheet to another without having to delete and re-upload on the new sheet? Is there a way to either link or copy over the attachments/discussions?

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Steve, the only way to move/copy attachments between sheets (without having to download and re-upload) is to move or copy the entire row by right clicking on the row number and selecting Move Row to Another Sheet or Copy Row to Another Sheet.

  • I have a web-form that collects data from individuals with attachments.  I need to be able to occasionally have 2 or 3 inputs to the same task and collect attachments in one place.  Using one SS to capture submissions with attachments, them transferring summary info from that SS and attachments to the next step in the process.  Additional and updated attachments are added and need to be accessed fromthe second SS.

    Would love to link (share) the attachments to between the lines of the two sheets and not have to duplicate the attachments.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Thanks for the suggestion, Lou! I will submit your request to our Product team.



  • I'm adding my name to the petition to link attachments/discussions to another sheet!! We have a linked sheet, containing a subset of information from the source. It's vital that the attachments and discussions remain current on both. Unless someone has a different suggestion, this means I manually update the information for each row on a daily basis. Can you tell by the emphasis how frustrating this is? Wink

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Thanks for the input CherieMac! I will pass this along to the Product team. 

  • I'm adding my vote for this as well. This drives efficiency down and costs up with time that must be spent to copy and paste the rows on a daily/weekly basis.

  • Do you have any updates on this? Will this be a future enhancement?

  • I would like to know if this going to be a future enhancement as well? 

    I get approached too many times with the complaint of having to submit discussions or attachments on too many sheets. The complaint of time management and inefficiency is one that I can understand where they are coming from as well. 

    Any word from the Smartsheet team would be appreciated. 

  • Looking for this feature also.  We are managing multiple, similar projects and to be able to copy an attachment from one sheet to a line on another would make things much easier.

    Has smartsheet put this on their roadmap?  

  • Please add my vote and all my team members and collaborators to the list of votes to be able to copy attachments to other rows and other sheets.   

    We have processes and procedure links and quotes that are duplicated in many sheets.  It is very time consuming to transfer all of the attachments.   

    Thank you.  


  • Adding my vote for this, we work on language projects and it would be very useful if we can copy also the attachments as most of the time we have different target languages that share the same set of source and reference files or links. Uploading attachements one by one for different target languages is not practical when we have more than 10 languages for every requests.

  • Would also love to be able to link attachments across sheets, but better to be able to upload to one sheet and automatically upload to the other sheets.


    - John

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