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Sharing a calendar in an iframe from another system - need HTTPS

I have a sheet that looks great as a calendar. I can use the Publish Options to share an HTML version of the calendar. When I enable this, I get a URL like http://publish.smartsheet.com/xxxxxxx. I would like to include this in an iframe on another site; we use CA Agile Central, previously known as Rally, in which I can create a custom app with any HTML. When I create an iframe using this http link, the Smartsheet calendar does not appear. Someone pointed out that this won't work, because the Agile Central site uses HTTPS, and browsers won't allow a non-secure HTTP iframe inside an HTTPS page.

Is it possible to get an HTTPS version of the Smartsheet URL that works, instead of just the HTTP version? (Just changing http: to https: doesn't work.)

Thanks for any ideas


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