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Reminder for every month task

Peter Smith
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts


Every month, we also help our client (around 1000 ) to prepare monthly financial reports and upload their web site. Some of them has specific date required to upload. 

In SS, we have total 4 sheets. Each sheets represent 3 month(we can't put 4 sheets into one because limitation of SS:, maximum 5000 rows)  . We have one column "specific date". E.g., that client request each month 10th to upload, we put 10 in the column. 

We can't set reminder for that because it does not include the month in column . 

I have very time consuming way to do is manually change the information in column from date to Month and Date. E.g., I manually change 10 to Sep 10. Is there other way to do?

By the way, does SS has formula like as Current month? I know it has today() but do not see any current month formula  





  • Marcus Odum
    Marcus Odum ✭✭✭✭

    Peter this is feasible. I would approach it like this:

    1. Create a cell (text/num type) for your day in your case the cell value would equal 10
    2. Calculate your reminder date make sure the cell is of the date column type:
      • =DATE(YEAR(TODAY()), MONTH(TODAY()), daycell)

    The formula above will give you the day you designate with today's month and year. Set a reminder on the calculated date.

  • Peter Smith

    Sorry for late reply. The formula is perfect. However, we have another similar issue. Somehow, some client request to receive the financial reports specific date (which is e.g., first Monday of the month)

    I can't use formula that you mention: 


    I know outlook calendar has similar function for this reminder . Does smartsheet have similar one?  

    E.g., if the client request the report upload on 3rd week Monday, then I can set up the reminder 2 days ago to get alert. 

    Please help. 




  • Marcus Odum
    Marcus Odum ✭✭✭✭

    Have you tried the Send Update Request feature? That should do the trick. You can set separate request for each row.


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