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Engage 2017 Retrospective

Gwyneth C
Gwyneth C ✭✭✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hello Smartsheet Community! I just wanted to thank all of you who attended the first ever Smartsheet user conference, ENGAGE 2017. If you weren’t able to attend the conference, but are interested in seeing the Keynote, the video is available on the Smartsheet website here.

Of the highlights for me, one of the best parts was meeting several of this forum’s top contributors. Another favorite moment was learning a keyboard shortcut from a customer (you can use Command + D to fill down)—that's documented in the Help Center here, but **shocking** I haven't quite memorized the entire Help Center contents.

If you have ENGAGE highlights to share, here’s the place to do it.

Gwyneth Casazza

Customer Experience Manager, Smartsheet


  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I posted this on LinkedIn after the conference, when it was still fresh, but here it is again:

    My favorite things:

    1. Diverse industries and diverse crowd, more than half female.

    2. Smartsheet staff friendly and enthusiastic, also largely female and diverse.

    3. Captain Sullenberger's keynote speech was best one I have attended in person. Ever.

    To add to that after some time to reflect on it (the last ten days have gone by so quickly)

    In addition:

    4. It was nice to meet the people I only knew as pixels on a screen, some I had talked with via phone, Skype or some other means, most were only Community or private e-mails. Nice is an understatement. Drinks and good conversations with the Rymills, dinner with Tim Meeks and his charming wife, lunch with the Smartsheet Community members (Travis, Kennedy, Shaine, Gwyneth and Jean), and discussions with some of the many people that have answered my queries and misunderstandings via support, the list goes on (if I start mentioning them by name, this will keep going on and on)

    5. To feel the enthusiasm in the room when the roadmap was discussed was amazing.

    Sorry, I have to stop now, I'm starting to get emotional.

    Thank you for the opportunity and the great conference. 


  • Lisa Reichnach

    I enjoyed meeting my Smartsheet Team, Kylie Stang, Julie Mills and Dave Gatto. I enjoyed the seminars that I attended and connecting with other Smartsheet users. Looking forward to next year!

  • Jef Forward
    Jef Forward ✭✭✭✭

    Amazing event!  J. Craig Williams captured it perfectly. I brought my Business Manager, and it was certainly eye-opening for her!  We are working through several new work flows!  

    1.  Innovation Labs - these changed each day and I found myself going back for more conversation after each visit.  I really appreciated the opportunity to contribute.

    2.  Talking with people about how they use smartsheet.com.  

    3.  The roadmap discussions were priceless.

    4.  Seeing Mark and Brent was pretty cool too!



    20170919_153014 (1).jpg

  • Nicole Tellez
    Nicole Tellez ✭✭✭✭

    Yes! J. Craig Williams summarized my feelings about the event perfectly.  In addition, I gained so much value from meeting my Smartsheet team in person, having onsite meetings to enhance my account and usage, and learning from other users how their organizations use the tool were also at the top of my list.  I was ENGAGED and can't wait for next year!


  • Scott Lawson

    I think the venue was amazing with the skybridges to stores and restaurants. And . . . being from hot, dry SoCal, I especially liked the rain and hail on Tuesday evening! I liked the diversity of people (not so many IT folks, although I am one of those!), the sessions were valuable and well-attended. I see the keynote video is online, but what about the rest of the sessions? I could not physically attend them all, since they overlapped. When will those be posted. Getting the info afterwards is essential.

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