Outlook Add-In is unreliable

The efficiency of moving Outlook emails over to Smartsheet is one of the greatest benefits of Smartsheet for me. But it is also wildly unreliable.

Some days it works, and then some days it says it can't connect. Sometimes if I switch default browsers and log in, it works, other times (today) NOTHING works, and I can't get the two to connect.

The app in the Office store is from 2015. Is there any plan to get it updated and working reliably?



  • Taylor F
    Taylor F Employee Admin

    Hello Chuck, 

    Apologies as we do aim for a stable and reliable experience. You did experience an issue with the Add-on today that was identified and resolved by our Developer. It appears that the Add-on was unable to reach our server and they were able to reboot the server and the Add-on started working immediately. 

    Due note, our Developers are working on a newer more reliable version of the Add-on, however, at this time we are unable to provide an ETA.

    If you run into any other issues, please feel free to report them to us by filling out the form here: help.smartsheet.com/contact.


  • I just made an entry about this at the help link. It is broken again.


    Taylor, with all due respect, this reboot issue seems to be happening for you guys every couple fo days at best. Smartsheet is not an inexpensive service, and while I realize not everyone uses this feature, those of us who do are receiving well below par customer service. For both the price we pay, and just out of truly respecting your customers, you guys need to do better.

    My team is using and expanding the role smartsheet plays in our daily function, and others in my company are interested. I say this not as an ultimatum, rather a business reality. The combined experience of an unreliable feature, and the disrespect as a customer, is very close to causing me to start looking at other solutions.