Nested If Statement

Heath Sanders
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi Team,

Below is two screen shots. To explain this simply, When I have anything in my drop box with /xtra (Type Column)  I want to have my totaling cell (Bottom of sheet) add up the Product Rate cell in that row.

When its /Course or anything else I want it to add Cost Rate cell in that row.

So my totaling cell (Bottom of sheet) looks something like this: =If([Type]2='Ash/xtra',[Product Rate]2,[Cost Rate]2,If([Type]3="Con/xtra",[Product Rate]3,[Cost Rate]3..............I have a different product on each row, there 14 in total. So ill need a formula that can nest more products as added.

P.s The Ash xtra .PNG attachment is just for the purpose of this exercise (To explain and show)

Each row has its own product, hench the reason for the drop box option for each row.


Thanks in advance  




Ash xtra.PNG