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Lori Seeney
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I am relatively new to smartsheet and I can't seem to figure this out (I am sure it is easy, so sorry for the dumb question).

I have end dates and durations secured and I would like the sheet to populate backwords based on the end date and I can't figure out how! 

Thank you for your help.


  • I stumbled across this by 'accident'.   when I've done it, I had to make sure the 'start date' field is CLEAR before entering information.


    so... clear out start date, and duration... and enter your end date first.  then put in your duration, and the start-date shld populate.


    hope this helps.


  • Lori Seeney
    edited 08/04/15

    Thank you, this does work for a single line however I was hoping it would populate a whole sheet backwards.

    Ie.   Exhibit installation happens Dec 15th, when do we need to start working on the design?


    Does that make sense? I really appreacite you helping me though!


  • oooh.. good question.  I'm actually in a similar situation.. with annual timeline.


    I too am in expositions (go figure!!)... and my show is annual.  i have the same timeline set-up - so knowing how to do that for the entire sheet wld be helpful. 


    I had been trying to figure out how to copy over this yrs event into next yrs... i.e. wld be nice to be able to set-up a 'start date and end date' for the entire event... and plug in dates based on duration as a whole.  so if we can just change the start date/end date somewhere it auto populates across the entire sheet.  


    don't suppose you've found that have you?    I will keep digging and perhaps you can let me know what you find.


  • Lori Seeney
    edited 08/04/15

    We are in similar situations.

    I ended up setting all the the events and durations, then plugging in a start date randomly and then just kept moving it until I reached the end date I was trying to achieve.

    Isn't ideal but it worked.


    If you are doing a schedule for a year, make sure you block out Christmas holidays (if they apply), it made a huge difference (obviously) to my particular project as it launched in Feb.


    Have you made a template of your usual items and durations? This might be helpful if your projects are similar.


    Let me know if you figure out anything else!!


  • Hello! I think you are looking for the Start-to-Finish predecessor value which is used for working backwards from a hard deadline. Check out the template "Gantt Project with Hard Deadline" for an example of how this works

  • I appreciate your help Sasha. I will look into this now.


  • oooh... i'm going to look too.  THANK YOU.

  • Hi all,

    I'm in events as well.

    Trying to plan this current scenario:

    1. Hard Start Date (Monday)

    2. Hard End Date (Event day!)


    I wish I could hard fix those days and then only have items accordian between them ?


    Any way ?


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