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I currently have a sheet for each account manger that lists there account and a few key metrics. I then created a report that brings in all of the 10 sheets into one place so I can see our entire portfolio. We move/add accounts often so the report allows me to see total book in a much easier format than linking. I have a dashboard that I want to display Total Number of accounts, count the statuses - is there no way to use metrics off a report. Will I have to go back to sheet level with single cell links?


  • Dartwohl
    Dartwohl ✭✭✭✭

    Please see attached screenshots.  In this example sheet (Project 1), the administrator has chosen to gather sheet metrics through formulas.  The administrator does this for all of his/her project sheets (Project 2, Project 3 etc.).  From there, a master sheet is created using cell linking to gather the metrics from each sheet.  Finally, the cell data widget is used to show things like the total number of open tasks, at-risk projects etc..  Hope this helps.

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  • Doug Carr
    Doug Carr ✭✭✭

    Dartwohl . . . This is a decent work around but, unfortunately, it is still a work around. Is there no movement on being able to pull metrics from a report. This seems like something that should have been built in from the beginning. The use of a lot of calculated fields and cell inks is fragile in Smartsheet. It doesn't take much to get a bad link and then have a lot of missing metrics on dashboards.

  • Paul Ayres

    I have a similar issue. 100 projects feeding into a row summary report where I now need to count projects with various status. The number of projects makes cell linking an unwieldy solution. Being able to essentially 'report on a report' would be very useful indeed.