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Sheet row display error / mismatch?

Steven Edwards
Steven Edwards ✭✭✭
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I have noticed a strange formatting / display error caused I believe when text sizes other than "auto" are used.


I have a sheet with conditional formatting that depending on a date in relation to today changes the font size (from auto to 14pt) to indicate that a critical date is approaching. I have noticed that the row height goes out of sync with the rows, its a little difficult to explain in text so have attached a screen shot, if you look down to row 18 (highlighted) you can see the mismatch between the row number + first column and the remaining columns. The mismatch seems to be accumulative as you go down the rows and makes it difficult to select the correct cell for editing.


If I keep all the text as "auto" the problem does not seem to occur.


I have also tried viewing the sheet in Chrome and IE but the issue is the same.


Any ideas / comments welcome.




Formatting error.jpg


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