Set and lock a baseline due date

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I am new to SmartSheet and attempting to see if a certain capability exists. I have a waterfall based timeline in place with start date, end date, duration, and a dependency matrix. I now would like to have a column that is called original baseline end date that copies the initial end date but does not move. As the project kicks off and I move duration as the project goes I want to see a difference in the adjusted end date (based off duration changes) and the original unchanged baseline end date.

How can I create this column?


  • The quick answer is Yes, Smartsheet has this capability. However, it's difficult to instruct you the best/easiest way to do this without knowing how your current sheet is set up. It will depend on if you are adjusting the "Duration" Column or "End Date" Column of each row/project phase AND/OR if you're adjusting the "Duration" Column or "End Date" Column of the overall Project Timeline.

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    Jessica is right you can do this in Smartsheet by creating a LIVE Start and Finish column and a Baseline pair that is a static copy of the first two as you kick off. Then a comparison column to show whether you are "winning or losing" would be helpful comparing actual with Baseline. 

    Easy to set up and use and there are other ways to do this, by using Reports showing Gantt comparison bars which combines two sheets. Happy to demonstrate these solutions to you if needed? 

    Our consultants use these regularly. 

    Hope that helps?

    Richard R