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Request for New Feature - Zoom - to speed navigation

Dan Ripke
Dan Ripke
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts


I’m simply looking to navigate around the projects I currently have, as quickly as possible, to focus on the issues I would like to address with my staff.  The challenge with the reports feature is it completely removes the indenting/nesting of rows, which as a result only causes more confusion.
I would like to ask if zooming in/out to rows could be added.  When I right-click on the row - a “zoom-in" option will be presented among the other existing options.  If I chose to zoom-in, then only that row, and the rows who are “children/indented” to the row would be visible.  Then, when I want to look as the whole project, I could right-click an option to “zoom-out."
This new feature would make Smartsheets a much more attractive, powerful tool.
Thanks for considering.


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