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Is it possible to assign a task to multiple people?



  • Ricky A
    Ricky A
    edited 10/16/15

    This is the most critical functionality preventing my company (200+ people) from adopting SS as our enterprise project management solution.

  • Hey Ricky, 


    Thanks for the comment, can you describe what you need? Do you need to split the responsibility of the task, (4hrs for Jane, 6hrs for Mark over 1.25days?) or do you just need multiple people to recive the notification that a task is due? These have very different implications from a developement perspective. Allowing a workgroup to be assigned to recieve the notificiation is a lot easier than allowing allocation by user, and defining the behavior for what happens when I change the duration, work or assignees, which starts to make the task a lot less easy to work with. 



  • Ricky A
    Ricky A
    edited 10/19/15

    Hi Robin


    I'm referring to splitting the responsibility of the task. It's something that MS Project does very well. At the very least, being able to add more than one resource to a task, without splitting responsibility, would be a good start.

  • Adding multiple users to a task is clearly a barrier to more widespread use of Smartsheet as a real project management tool. Please add my vote for this feature.

  • I vote to add this feature as well. Thanks.

  • Tim Meeks
    Tim Meeks ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 11/02/15



    In response to your question above:  "Thanks for the comment, can you describe what you need? Do you need to split the responsibility of the task, (4hrs for Jane, 6hrs for Mark over 1.25days?) or do you just need multiple people to recive the notification that a task is due?" 


    The biggest complaint I received from users here was that they wanted to have only 1 row for a task and assign multiple resouces to that same task....and not do it by having multiple columns:  Resource 1, Resource 2, etc.   To keep this simple, you could assume the users are added at 100% allocation such that the task responsibility is NOT split.  However, based on most peoples' experience with MS Project, I think SS will quickly be requested to add functionality to split the % or allocate hours per resource within that duration.  So if Task A is 2 days(16hours) in length, then resource A would be allocated 4 hours or (25%) and Resource B woudl be allocated 12 hours or (75%).  And so the multiple column process may be a way to do it if you can adjust the hours or % of a resource to the task.






  • Brian Smith
    edited 11/03/15

    I would also like to chime in here, as we would love to see this feature as well. Creating new columns just to allow for multiple task owners creates challenges of its own and honestly doesn't look as smooth from a reporting perspective to have an additional row for the same function.



  • Really need this feature. Having multiple rows for a task isn't practical if you have loads of people on one task.

  • Stefan Siebenkittel
    edited 11/17/15

    I'd love to see this feature too but....

    - not like in MS Project!

    - not messing with the set start and due dates

    Hey Smartsheet, bevore writing too much, have a look at the attached screenshot.

    I use this currently and think of it as kind of hint for your dev team :-)


    The idea is to have the assigned resources indented below a task (with its own icon?) instead of using multiple columns:

    - Assumption is, that every person has 7 h / day available.

    - Start / End for the person really means the timeframe he/she will be working for the project. 

    - % of allocation = % of the working day

    Using the calculation in the column "Work / h" I get the hours planned and sum those in the task row.

    + Every person appears in the resource view

    + I can adjust the values individually if needed

    + This view also helps to discuss "realistic" timeframes and workloads and then provides a better insight for managers how much time their delegates need

    + If collapsed it does not clutter the project plan

    + I can send update requests to everyone (or better use an individual report ;)

    + I can get reports for every persons tasks and hours planned


    I admit, I have to manually copy the task title to make it visible in the reports, well... I can live with that for now.

    And no, no solution for loads of people on one task. Alas, loads of people on one task is not a smartsheet problem ;-)


  • I'd love to see this feature included on your roadmap, please add a vote for me!

  • Suzanne Baugh
    edited 12/07/15

    please add my vote to adding this feature.  The sooner the better.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Wilinton, Baden, Obianuju, RM701, David, Sue, Drew, Ricky, Jorge, Sam, Michael, Daniela, Brian, stefan, Dan, Ken, and Suzanne I have submitted your votes! 

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