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Is it possible to assign a task to multiple people?



  • Travis, please add my vote as well. This really is something that is needed and it seems there are more than enough votes to justify it. Plus, smartsheet is likely not hearing from missed sales opportunities. It is very likely that some companies may have passed on Smartsheet for this reason alone.

  • PGreene
    edited 12/29/15

    Agree - vote for this functiionality. It seems odd that it's not there. I just assumed it would be available, I was sure i was doing something wrong  :-)

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Thanks Seatown and PGreene, I have added your votes!

  • This is a critical request, as far as our company is concerned, as well. We're still in the evaluation process and need to know that this will be part of the roadmap.




    Monica Evanchik

  • Doug B
    Doug B ✭✭✭

    and my vote too!

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Monica and Doug I have submitted your votes for the ability to assign multiple people to a task! 

  • Sarah S.
    Sarah S.
    edited 01/20/16

    +1 for this feature. 

  • Dean Henderson
    edited 01/20/16

    Please add my vote for this feature.  Only thing so far that I've found Smartsheet can't do.  Would want to be able to allocate % of the task by person too.  So Person A gets 20% of the duration, Person B 50%, Person C 30%.

  • So, I'll be the person to ask: Has any progress been made or plans been initiated to integrate this feature?


    This thread hasn't died down in terms of requests for this feature. 

  • Since they just released the new features that were on their roadmap, hopefully this can now get queued up to the roadmap for the next updates.

  • Our org. definitely needs this feature if we're going to implement Smartsheet company-wide. Is adding this functionality on Smartsheet's roadmap?

  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 01/22/16

    Hi Everyone,


    We hear your feedback and we understand that you all would love to see this feature. 


    We are working on a lot of great enhancements and new features for 2016 that we know you will love and will enable you to work smarter and more efficiently.   


    RM701 - To answer your question, we do have plans to address this in the future but we have not set a timeline for when this feature will be worked on. We will update this discussion with information as soon as we have details we can share.


    To get an idea of what we are currently working on, please refer to our product roadmap: https://www.smartsheet.com/product-roadmap

  • Hello Travis. Please add my vote as well.


    We have tried to make good use of our Smartsheet licences for a few months now and have found along the way creative workarounds for most of its shortfalls. Some of them are even laborious to maintain but we can live with that for now. I guess this is a testimony of how much we love the base and its philosophy. We really want to make it work for us.


    Unfortunaletly, all of our (and community) workarounds to solve this issue translate inadequately to the Ressource Management window. Or if it does, it weighs down too much our main sheets.


    Please understand that the following statement is not on an agressive tone, but a constructive one. It is hard to believe why this is taking so much time to appear on your Work in Progress roadmap. Most of the features there are interesting goodies and may even be dealbreakers for some of your potential customer. But none seems as basic to project management as multi-resourcing a task. It may presents "interesting" programming challenges to implement this on your unique base, we understand. But you have at least to start somewhere and put it in the pipeline. Give us at least some hope. As far as I know, there is no delivery date promises on your roadmap, no harm will be done.


    Thank for the update anyway!


    SUGGESTION: This is nowhere like a final solution to this issue. But in the meantime, it would be usefull in some cases (when the granulity is less important) to just let us multi-select columns in the "Assigned Ressource Column" drop down menu in the Ressource Management window. Of course, every "assignees/columns" will have the same time allocation. But this could be a start, easy to implement, as a temporary workaround if you are running an SQL backend. But maybe you don't, just asking :).

  • Dear Travis,


    That is the same answer you or one of your colleagues gave almost a 1 year ago when this thread started. 

    Don't get me wrong however those are nice words but mean nothing. We are not aslking about other features. We want to know about a basic feature that a Project Management software should have to start with. Assigning a task to just one person is too simplistic and it does not happen in reality. 

    This is not a special extra feature your clients are asking you for. It is not an enhancement. This is a flaw in your software that should be fixed immediately.

    Like others I am seriously thinking of not subscribing again as I think that I have to go and look for another platform that has this feature. And please be aware that I am a big fan of Smartsheet. 

    However it is just not effective not to be able to assign multiple people to one task.

  • Travis

    I must echo the sentiments of the many users of Smartsheet.

    A lot of the 'enhancements'  may be nice to have but this one appears to have the support of many of the Smartsheet users. As far as I can see your Product Roadmap does not even mention the wishes of many users. While it is pretty to have an image in a cell, it would be more beneficial to me to have resouces in a cell!

    'Work arounds' are onerous and time consuming, so please listen to your Community and at least give us a date when your team will start thinking of the many people who are using your product.

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