Formula - adding two columns based on a condition

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I think I'm close but this is driving me crazy. 

I have an event code column and two other columns where I am collecting participation data on Saturday and Sunday. 

I would like to know the total participation for the weekend. The formula for just Saturday or just Sunday works

=SUMIF([Event Code]:[Event Code], "CL021718A", ([# Sat]:[# Sat]))

but I can't find the way to combine the two. 

I had assumed I now had to use SUMIFS... here's what I've been trying... 

=SUMIFS([Event Code]:[Event Code], "CL021718A", ([# Sat]:[# Sat]), ([# Sun]:[# Sun]))

Any insights would be so appreciated!




  • Mike WildayMike Wilday ✭✭✭✭✭

    The way to accomplish this is to use simple math to add two countif formulas together.  The following formula should do the trick -- if I titled your columns correctly.

    =SUMIF([Event Code]:[Event Code], "CL021718A", [# Sat]:[# Sat]) + SUMIF([Event Code]:[Event Code], "CL021718A", [# Sun]:[# Sun])


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