Workspace cleanup without admin burden

J. Craig Williams
J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Here's the situation:

I'm trying to cleanup workspaces that are shared to me without admin burden on other users of the workspace.

Here's my specific situation:

1. I am not the Owner of the Workspace.

2. I do, however, own one or more objects in the Workspace.

3. The Owner of the Workspace is not available (on sabbatical, not answering emails, in the hospital, out of circulation, doesn't want to be bothered)

4. Because of other functionality, the Owner can not be changed -- for example, there is API functionality tied to the Owner's account which I do not have access access to -- and am not being paid to update it if I did.

5. I can not just delete the objects that I own (see API functionality above), but I no longer need access to them.

I want to transfer ownership of the objects to the Owner of the workspace.

Do I have to wait for the Owner to return?

In order to even get close, this is what I think i have to do for each object that I own in the Workspace:

1. Share individually to the Workspace Owner, as Admin

2. In Sheet Sharing dialog, change permission from Admin to Make Owner.

and then wait for them to respond to the their email.

I can certainly see WHY this is a good feature. I don't want to be made owner of 100 sheets without knowing what the hell is going on ... but some people don't have time perform their part of the transfer.

I could just delete the objects I own and then wait for something to break, and then wait some more for someone to figure out it was broken by me, but that really doesn't sound like something I would do.