Printing Issue-


My manager uses a Mac.

On one of our sheets we have a fair number of columns that when my manager goes to print the sheet she sets it "fit to width" and “landscape” on Legal Paper (14 inch long x 8.5 inch wide) and the columns run off the page, there are no side margins.  

It sort of looks like this but I cannot recreate it on my PC. This is from the Print Preview screen. I've matched all settings that she has making sure everything is set to legal paper but so far nothing has worked to solve the problem.

Is this a Mac issue? How do I fix it?




  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Ann,

    It may be specific to the browser that she's using, since when you click the Print button in the toolbar, your browser print takes over. Have her try switching to a different browser (Chrome, for example) to see if she experiences the same issue.

    I'd also recommend ensuring that her printer is set to print from the correct tray. (If she has a multi-tray printer, it could be printing to a tray fit for smaller paper sizes.)

    If the above doesn't work, reach out to our Support team directly to troubleshoot this issue.