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Editing a template

How can I edit a template to delete a row?



  • Templates can't be changed, but you can do this...


    Rename the template.  Create a sheet from the template and make your change.  Delete the template.  Save the Sheet as a template with the name of the original template. 




  • Sylvie Serplet
    edited 05/03/15

    Thank you Ted for your prompt response. Smile

  • System
    System Employee Admin
    edited 12/30/15

    @Ted Cochran

    This method is a bit convoluted. Are you going to make templates editable?

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Shawn, there are not any near term plans to make templates editable, but I will add your vote for this. Right now the method what Ted suggested:


    -Create a new sheet from the template

    -Make your change

    -Save the new sheet as a template

  • Please add my vote as well to have templates editable. This would make it much easier and more user friendly. 

  • Can't edit a template? What the what? That seems pretty basic...you got my vote.

  • Please add my vote to edit templates as well.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Thanks everyone - your votes are added.


    You might consider using a sheet as a template - rather than a template.


    Create the sheet you want to use as the template and share it out to whoever needs to use it, as a viewer. When you or anyone else needs to use it, open the sheet and save a copy.


    This works just like a "template" but you can share it and make changes to it. 

  • +1 for editable templates, as they serve little purpose if they can't be edited and if sheets created from a template cannot auto-update when the template is updated.

    Today I do what Travis talked about - I have a master sheet titled 'aaa (template)' that I "Save as new" when i need to create a new sheet. (99% of my sheets have the same format and layout - so having a template sheet is absolutely necessary)

    My biggest frustration however is when I go back and edit the structure of my "aaa (template)" sheet, e.g., add a new column, add a new item to a summary section,  I can't have the change applied across the other sheets, and I have to go in and edit each sheet. Very time consuming.

    I want a template that allows me to define the columns and their layout/types and specific rows and cells that persist across sheets, and which cells are editable vs. not editable (e.g., labels). And if I edit the template, any child sheet will automatcally receive the changes without affecting any of the sheet's editable cells.


    This feature would be an immediate win!


    I would also expect the ability to break a sheet from its parent template if I wanted.

  • Josh Garcia
    edited 01/19/17

    Please add my vote for making templates editable.

  • +100!  They MUST be editable!  I need a template for a course creation project (almost 100 courses), and imagine what I would need to do if the process changes?  I would need to manually update 100 sheets!  Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Hi Everyone—


    I've got all of your votes down for a way to edit templates (without having to create a new template) on our enhancement request list for further review by our Product team.


    We appreciate your input!

  • Jose Alvarez
    Jose Alvarez ✭✭
    edited 02/15/17

    Awesome news!  Also, please add a an alert message so that when a template is updated, the systems asks: "would you like to apply these changes to all sheets created from this template previously"...or something like that.  You know what I mean.  

  • Shaine Greenwood
    Shaine Greenwood Employee
    edited 02/15/17

    Hi Jose,


    I've added your vote for a way to make batch changes to sheets created from the template as well.

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