What's with the "unnamed series" in the pie chart?

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

So I've created a pie chart in my Dashboard and let's say I have basic data such as:

Apples 5

Oranges 12

Bananas 8

Blueberries 20

Strawberries 3

Rasberries 19

With this data, when I tried to import it as shown above, it gave me an error. When I imported only the values/numbers, it worked. However, now I cannot show which one is which. Without the labels in the pie chart, how is the legend useful?? Not to mention that I have six (6) colors in my legend, but they're all called "unnamed series" and there's no way for me to edit them/specify(e.g. Apples, Oranges, etc.) It only lets me edit the color, but not the name. This is sooooooo frustrating!

Please tell me that I'm overlooking a step or doing something wrong, because if this is standard pie chart behavior, both the Development & QA teams @ Smartsheet need nothing but coal in their stockings for Christmas. 

Please help!!

Smartsheet Pie Chart.PNG