MacOS and Firefox - Gantt Scrolling Not Working

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I have a MacbookPro 2017 and I am only using the built-in trackpad. No extra drivers for Logitech or any other input devices.

When using the latest version of Firefox, it takes 2 or 3 tries to get the Gantt to scroll horizontally or vertically. And when it scrolls, it is very jerky and slow. 

I have the exact same browser extensions installed for Firefox and Chrome, and there are no issues with scrolling the Gantt in Chrome. 

I am using Firefox for 99% of my other work tasks, so it would be great to use Smartsheet there too. Instead of having to open Chrome for 1 task. Thanks. 


  • Alison
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    Thanks for reaching out about this!  This is very interesting; could I have you test out disabling the extensions that you have in Firefox?  I know you're mentioning that the same ones are enabled in Chrome, but this may help.  


    Check to see if you have any extensions enabled in Firefox by clicking the Settings icon (three bars in upper right) > Add-ons > Extensions and select Disable for each Extension to temporarily disable them. 


    If this is still happening, could I have you send me a screen capture video of this behavior?  If you don't already have a favorite screen capture tool, we recommend using the program JING ( to create the video screen capture as it is free and easy to use.


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  • jw_pm
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    Hi Alison. Sorry for the very delayed reply. I changed jobs and wasn't using Smartsheet anymore. But, now I am, and the scrolling issues are no longer present in Firefox. All seems to be fixed the latest versions.