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I have a sheet with thousands of projects.  When a project is finished there is a cell that automatically calculates the turnaround time.  There is also a column for the date the project was finished.  The projects are not ordered by date.  On another sheet I need to calculate the average turnaround time for a given month for projects finished in that month.  Does anyone know what formula I can use to do this in smartsheet?


  • MattH


    (SUMIF(Month([FinishedDate]) = 1, TurnAroundTime:TurnAroundTime)/Countif(Month([FinishedDate]) = 1)

    This will add all of the turn around times and then divide by the number of projects that finished in that month. You'll need to get fancier if you need to look at year, but then you just need to use SUMIFS with Month and Year functions. 

    All fake code, but it should get you started with the correct functions. 

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