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I am updating information on to a sheet when I contact our customers AP dept either by email or Phone. The info I update includes Invoice- date- AP response.

I want to use this data to link to another sheet that I am using to track open invoices via Vlookup.

When I populate the sheet I have been inserting rows on top so the Vlookup will work

Is there another formula I can use If I update the info on the last line of data instead of the first line?



  • Hi Debbie,

    When you create your VLOOKUP formula, I would recommend that you select the entire columns of your lookup table. In the "Reference Another Sheet" dialog, click on the header of the first column, then Shift+Click on the header of the last column. Selecting entire columns in this way rather than a range of cells will ensure that any new rows get automatically incorporated into the lookup table, regardless of where they are inserted.

    Best regards,


  • Debbie J
    Debbie J ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Dan


    I have that set 

    It is finding the most current comment which would be at the end of the row and and the first

    So if a vlookup finds the first record from top to bottom im looking from bottom to top

    On this log I can call AP on 1/5/18 and inquire about inv 456, 457 & 458 and then I can call on 3/15/18 on the same invoices and have the field update with the latest comments.


    I don't know if there is a formula but I figured I would ask


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