Newbie Question - Reports Lookup into Sheet (relational database like)


First, I am sure this has been answered, but I could not find it.  I have two smartsheets: Projects and PMs.  The PMs sheet has basic info about the PM (Emp ID, Name, Email).  The project sheet has all the projects we are working in the company with lots of project metrics.  One being Margin %.  

I want to create, then run a report that lists the project, project manager name, project manager email and margin if margin <5%.

Is there a way from within the report to lookup the employee info (specifically name and email) using the employee id from the project sheet.

THanks in advance


  • Shaine Greenwood


    I think you'll want to use a VLOOKUP instead of building a report for this. A report can pull in rows with the name and email from one sheet and the ID from another sheet, but they'll all appear on separate rows.

    Try either adding a column to one of your sheets or creating a brand new sheet, then putting a VLOOKUP function in there that returns the name/email based on an employee ID. More info on this is available in the help center:

  • kagrawa
    kagrawa ✭✭

    So, does this mean that if I have a sheet with Projects and PMs, that I cannot get a report that does a database "join" on columns? Rather, the reports are limited to "unions" of sheets?

    Thanks for any feedback on that.

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