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Anthony Lunn
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I would like to have a formula in place that automatically selects a day of week based on the date we paste in the "Bid Date" Column. When 3/26/18 is loaded into [Bid Date] Column it produces "Monday" in the [Day] Column, and so forth... Is this possible?



  • This is long, but try:

    =IF(WEEKDAY(Bid Date1) = 1, "Sunday", IF(WEEKDAY(Bid Date1) = 2, "Monday", IF(WEEKDAY(Bid Date1) = 3, "Tuesday", IF(WEEKDAY(Bid Date1) = 4, "Wednesday", IF(WEEKDAY(Bid Date1) = 5, "Thursday", IF(WEEKDAY(Bid Date1) = 6, "Friday", IF(WEEKDAY(Bid Date1) = 7, "Saturday")))))))


    Put that formula in Day1 and then drag it down as needed.

  • Thanks Wade.

    Unfortunately, this is what I got #Unparseable

  • Disregard Wade. I realized I needed brackets around [Bid Date]. Works Great!

  • radix
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    I suggest another more clean way:

    Create a new sheet let's say called "conversioni" with a conversion table like (sorry italian days...)

    then in the data sheet you create a formula

    =INDEX({CONVERSIONI: weekday}; MATCH(WEEKDAY([Creato il]@row); {CONVERSIONI: Weeknumber}; 0))

    that point at that conversion table and transform your weekday in the word you chose

    then you can create a column formula and that's all...

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