Using countifs across sheets to hold metrics for reports

bbemis ✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

We have a sheet that lists all of our projects (there are over 300 at the moment). We used to keep all of our metrics at the top of the sheet, but every now and again, someone would sort by a value that caused the metrics to get mixed into the project list.  So when cross-sheet formulas (vlookup, countifs, etc) became available, I created a new sheet that totaled all of the various metrics regarding our projects separately, rather than keep them in the same sheet.  So, I have the original project sheet and the metrics sheet.  The metrics sheet is essentially a large set of countifs.

Now, I'm building out dashboards and reports. I show the metrics on the dashboard, and if someone wants more info, they can click on it and go to the report.  

My question is actually about the metrics sheet...if I don't go in and save it regularly, will the metrics get updated on my dashboards?  Or will they only show the last "saved" number?


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