Countifs - with Hierarchy (Grandchild)

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I am trying to write a formula to count the lowest level of "Completed" items.  I have multiple Projects and different Status all on the same sheet.



=COUNTIFS((CHILDREN[Variable Features/Tasks]:[Variable Features/Tasks]), Status:Status, "Complete", Project:Project, "Test")


I'm not working in excel - I just wrote up the example there.




  • Shaine Greenwood


    CHILDREN can't accept a range of an entire column. You'll want to either leave it blank (if the function is in a parent and you want to reference that parent's children) or reference a single cell (if the function isn't in a parent whose children you want to reference). More info on this function can be found in the help center:

    You'll want to use a formula like this: 

    =COUNTIFS(CHILDREN(), Status:Status, "Complete", Project:Project, "Test")

    Or a function like this:

    =COUNTIFS(CHILDREN([Variable Features/Tasks]14), Status:Status, "Complete", Project:Project, "Test")

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