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Sending Scheduled Reports and Formatting

Rex Card
Rex Card
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

Conditional formatting does not appear to be applied correctly to scheduled report delivery.



I have a report generated that fgoes out @ 8am ET on M, W, F with logic to turn the row red if the task is past due and turn the row dark green if task starts today.  The report looks like this when I view it: http://screencast.com/t/kTlPggvzD3H


If I send as attachment directly I get what I expect: http://screencast.com/t/Bg2LzYdiwcm


However the report I have scheduled that was sent this morning (Mon 9/28) looked like this: http://screencast.com/t/EypCwsyGU


The automated report does not look like I would expect the report to look like (aka the report generated and sent this morning does not look like the report I see in the sheet in regards to formatting).  Is there any way to fix this?  Do I need to open ths sheet first and have the automated report sent after I open the sheet manually?


I can see reporting being really helpful and I'm really wanting folks to see the callout when things go late or start today.



  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 09/30/15

    Hi Rex, I tested this with a report I made yesterday. I added conditional formatted rules to the sheet and exported the report to PDF and emailed it to myself as an attachment. Both PDFs contained the conditional formatting. I set a recurring 'send as attachment' to email me the report every morning at 8 am. This morning I received the PDF and it also contained my conditional formatting rules.


    I would recommend emailing the Support team so they can troubleshoot your report. It will be helpful if you shared your report and underlining sheets with them as well so they can take a look. Their email address is [email protected]


    Let us know what they discover! 

  • Hello Travis,


    I have been speaking with a SmartSheet Rep and it sounds like the source sheet (the one with the formatting) need to be open in order for it to know what day it is and for the conditional formatting to apply.


    I am going to setup a test tonight that will turn a row red if finish date is in the past.  I will set the finish date as today (9/30) and will have a report sent to me at 8am tomorrow without first opening the source sheet.  Will see what I get and report results here.

  • My test provided the results I expected.  Unless the sheet has been opened the formatting rules will not show up on the report.


    If I have a row turn red if the End date of an item is in the past and how this row shown in a report that is emailed out on a recurring basis the row will NOT show red unless I  physically open the source sheet.


    This is problematic since I want teams to see red when deadlines are missed and I should be able to count on logic that states show red if end date is in the past.  This logic should not rely on me physically opening the source sheet.  It get's really bad if I take off for a week and reports are being sent that never get the correct formatting.

  • Sent an email to support listing this thread as context.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 10/05/15

    Hi Rex, as you have seen, conditional formatting rules are only applied (or removed) when the sheet is opened. One workaround some users use is, find a sheet (SheetA) that you open daily. Add a formula to a date cell that shows todays date ( =TODAY() ) Cell link that cell to each sheet that contains your formatting rule. Now, everytime you open and save SheetA, cell linking will update the sheets the cell is linked to, and will reapply the formatting rules. 

  • Just chiming in here...I've had similar problems as Rex and it's very problematic.  The workaround is somewhat helpful, but still doesn't automate the process.  It would be great to provide a solution to this.



  • +1 :)  


    The problem with the "open your sheet everyday approach" is when:


    (1) You can't open your sheet prior to the reports being sent (opening on mobile does not seem to fix this, that would make it easier)


    (2) I go on vacation and when this happens my sheet formatting becomes wrong to viewers of the report for as long as I am gone.


    I expect the formatting to just work and the sheet to be updated without having to open it.

  • Agreed, Rex.  Thanks for sharing about the mobile; I was just going to test it.  I was thinking the same thing about vacation...

  • I am encountering this same issue.  Scheduled reports do not show overdue tasks properly.  It's not realistic to expect that sheets will be opened every day...especially when reports run on Sunday night to be fresh for Monday morning.


    Please add this to the Smartsheet enhancement (or defect) list.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Terri - this discussion is related to reports not showing updated formatting on sheets that have not been opened. Reports will still show tasks that are overdue based on dates listed in the sheets - even if the sheets have not been opened (unless the dates are changed based on formulas). If your report isn't showing past due dates, contact [email protected] and they can help you troubleshoot why your reports are not updating. 



  • The reports pull formatted columns from the sheets to show RYG status based on date.



  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 10/30/15

    Thanks for clarifying Terri! As a workaround to show past due tasks, you could have the report pull in rows based on their dates, rather than RYG status. 

  • Thanks for following up on these Travis.


    I'm not offering any new info here, but thought clarifying my issue may help Terri.

    I pull by date but I also have anything past a specific date formatted red.

    The items populate the report they just don't turn red.

  • zukand
    edited 11/22/15

    I'm having the same problem. I've got both RGB Balls and conditional formatting which is not updating on my automatic reports. 

    Surely something can be done to rectify this? :\ It's not always possible to open before sending (Especially as row reminders go out at 1am!) 

  • Preston
    Preston ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 02/12/16

    Hello...I'd just like to add that I'm having the same issue; conditional formatting does not apply unless the sheet is opened. Is there any line of sight on this, or would it be more accurate to say that this particular issue is just "somewhere on the list"?

    I appreciate any feedback.

    Kind Regards,


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